How it works


You need a website done. While everyone charges you a fixed fee, I go by retainer fee starting from just SGD 1,500 per month for minimum 12 months.

Why 12 months? Because building growing website should be an on-going process and 12 months is the ideal length for getting it on the right track.

Whether or not we will continue beyond 12 months it’s entirely up to you. But within the first 12 months, I’m committed to build and fine-tune for you a website that is result-oriented and conversion friendly. Here’s how…

Month 1
Beta site up and running

Whether you already have an existing website looking to revamp; or you are starting from scratch. Chances were, you haven’t got the right content to put on the website. This is the major reason why most website implementation projects took forever months to deliver. It doesn’t have to be like that. As soon as we kick off our engagement, I will work with you on outlining the key messages and some initial goals. I will then use this information to roll out your beta website that can get to work immediately. It will be more than just a “Coming soon” page, but a functional landing page that aims to achieve couple of goals.

Month 2 – 4
Content development

Funny how this comes in second? There’s a reason behind. Many website implementation projects failed the first time (and subsequent times) because they could never get the content right! A typical example: Almost every business owner thinks they needed a “Mission and Vision” page in their website, only to find out later almost no website visitors cared about it. It doesn’t have to be like that! I will deploy the right tools to help me monitor user behavior, to find out what they were really looking for and what makes them tick click. I will then use this information to work with you or your copywriter to refine your content strategy. Through this exercise, we will end up with not just more, but the right content!

Month 5 – 8
Rebuild and optimize

By now we would have the right content and gathered the information we need to improve your website. Picture a revamped homepage with buttons placed in right positions that call out to users for action. Content pages that focus on conversion. To put it simply, our goal is to make sure everyone who visits your website will walk away with something in hands, be it a newsletter subscription or email inquiry, or actual purchase of your products. Don’t suppose you will mind seeing some results, at last?

Month 9 – beyond
Rinse, repeat and improve

It’s good to see your website finally getting into shape. But in reality, things may not always pan out the way we have hoped for. Sometimes, we may uncover new problems and room for improvement. This is why we are not stopping here. I will continue to monitor website usage, user behavior, conversion rate. To understand from you what are the common patterns of customer inquiries. What questions did they ask? Why were they not buying? Then, once again, I will use this information to help me improve your website. If your business doesn’t stop, why should your website?

According to Google Analytics report, this page’s bounce rate is 61.54%. In other words, if you are actually looking at this right now, you belong to the precious 38.46% who give a dang. I’m rooting for you already! Perhaps you want to see some of my work next?

P/s: If we do meet up for discussion, I promise you will walk away with at least a tip or two; regardless if we end up working together or not!