How it works

When we think about “website”, most people will picture something that starts with a homepage that has some sliding banners and a few lines of introductory text. Then, there are sub pages like “About”, “Services”, “Products”, etc. This is perfectly alright — if you think we are still in 1995.

In today’s crowded marketplace, it’s hard enough to get visitors to come to your website. Then, when they are finally at your website, you have only a few seconds to help them decide if they should stay on to find out more, or should they move on to next website (or go back to Facebook!)

With that in mind, the last thing you want to offer your visitors is a complicated website. Your website is not meant to be a coffee table book. Your visitors will not stick around and browse from cover to cover just because they have some time to kill. The old way of doing things no longer work, here’s the new way:

Landing page + Pay-per-click

Why landing page?

Shorter time to market: Compared to building full website, landing page takes a lot lesser time to create, it’s also much easier to make changes and improvement. We can quickly launch a landing page and start collecting data of how the internet users respond to the page content, then further fine-tune, rinse and repeat!

More focused: A landing page has only one objective. The content will be designed towards encouraging visitors to respond to a call to action, be it to sign up for product or service trial, or share their contact information with you so you can follow up with them to offer them more information (and close the deal!)

Cheaper: Since it generally takes lesser time to create landing page, therefore it costs you much lesser money. You can use the money you save on activities that bring in visitors, such as advertising!

Why pay-per-click?

Instant results: Define the right keywords, set the budget, boom! Your ads are up online and ready to channel potential customers to your landing page! Unlike traditional advertising, pay-per-click advertising — as the name suggests, costs you money only when someone clicks on your ads; which totally makes sense since everyone who arrives at your landing page can potentially become your customer. Wouldn’t you like to have constant flow of visitors to your landing page?

Measurable results: It may be cheaper to order thousands of printed flyers and hire someone to slot them into letterboxes, but have you ever measured the effectiveness of such advertising method? Pay-per-click, on the other hand, gives you real time updates on how your ads are performing, which keywords are bringing in more visitors, which ads are converting better. With the data you get, you can respond to changes almost instantly!

According to Google Analytics report, this page’s bounce rate is 61.54%. In other words, if you are actually looking at this right now, you belong to the precious 38.46% who give a dang. I’m rooting for you already! Perhaps you want to see some of my work next?

Can’t wait to get some action going?

P/s: If we do meet up for discussion, I promise you will walk away with at least a tip or two; regardless if we end up working together or not!