How to get people to come to your website

Go to your favorite search engine, enter some keywords that are relevant to your business. Take a look at the results. Do you see your website among the top results?

Yes? Congratulations! You may skip the rest of this post.

No? That’s not good! Especially if you have spent considerable amount of money and time in setting up the website. And you want your website to be searchable.

Immediately you ask: How?

Expect to get many different kind of answers out there; although many would skew towards “get a SEO expert to help you”. And yes, I believe you may go that path too, provided you can set aside some budget for it.

A reasonable budget for hiring an SEO expert may range from several hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars a month.

Now here comes the bigger question: Must you spend that amount of money to get your website show up in search engine results? Professionally, I would say yes. Especially if you are serious about your business.

But if you were my friend, and I know budget might be an issue for you, I would recommend you the alternative — start blogging!

How will blogging help? For starter, it would be what most SEO practitioners recommend anyway. The difference is you might have to pay them to do it.

Good news is, it’s actually something you can do yourself as well.

First benefit of blogging: It creates content for your website.

Most search engines, especially Google, love website that has (good) content. By content, I’m referring to content that is meaningful and useful for your target audience. And I definitely don’t mean stuffing your website with lots of keywords — relevant or not. Gone are the days of keyword spamming. You may actually risk getting your website penalised.

What is considered useful content? Content that is relevant to your products or business. You may already have some pages that talk about products or service features, those are good. How about expanding on those information with even more in depth details. Say your product has five functions, write separate blog articles that focus on each function. You may add in more details like benefits, testimonial from people who were benefited from that particular function, and so on. If you believe in your products, you will have enough of materials to write about them.

So you are creating more content, here’s the next thing you can expect to happen: You are establishing yourself as the expert in the field. The more you write about your products or business, the more you demonstrate how well you understand your products or business, and it goes without saying, your target customers will begin to trust you more. Just ask yourself the question: Will you trust the salesperson who just pass you the product brochure, or will you trust the one who actually talks about and knows the products inside out?

Finally, here’s when you will hit the home run: If done right, your target audience who enjoyed your content, may start to share those content with their friends through social media websites. Imagine having your target audience bringing you more audience. How lovely is that?

But of course, saying is easy. Doing it, and do it consistently is whole different story! For what’s worth, once you have built up the momentum and seen the results kicked in, the results will continue to kick in. Trust me on that, because I have been enjoying the fruits of such effort, although, I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t been keeping up with it… buy hey, you did find me through this blog post, yes?

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