Not much about web design, mostly about running a small business.

Knowing “how to kick” vs “where to kick”

One of the main machines in a factory broke down. The factory owner got really worried as it was affecting production output. Many experts came to look but none could to fix it. Until one engineer called in and said he could try it but it would cost $15,060. The...

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Making of 2.0

The content of this page has been moved to Big Foot Traveller 大脚印 I created Big Foot Traveller (大脚印) for Green Mussels Investments in 2010. Five years now, I had the pleasure of working with Les and Kin once again on revamping the website. Throughout the years, the...

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How to get free website and be found on Google

You are looking to set up a website for your small business but you are working on shoestring budget? You are in luck! Because I'm about to offer you a better advice: a free website which you can easily set up yourself (without losing some hair!) Plus the bonus: it...

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How to get people to come to your website

Go to your favorite search engine, enter some keywords that are relevant to your business. Take a look at the results. Do you see your website among the top results? Yes? Congratulations! You may skip the rest of this post. No? That's not good! Especially if you have...

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Domain name sales tactic — a not so orthodox one

Of late I received more and more queries from my clients, asking for my opinion about the email they received from some companies in China/Hong Kong, expressing their concern of someone "trying to" take up domain names related to what they currently have. To show how...

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Starting an online store?

Each week, I received between 10-15 request for quotations (RFQs) via this website, plus other requests through word of mouth and phone calls. Never an exception, out of these requests, at least a handful were about setting up online store. What do people want to sell...

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Defining the goal for your website

When you set up your business, all the books you read seem to tell you the same thing: you need to start by setting a goal. It is the same for setting up a website, especially if the website is for your business or company. Before you even decide on what to name your...

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等一下!Tunggu! காத்திரு!

Are you looking to have a website done sooner, at lower budget?
I founded a new startup that offers WordPress design, develop, hosting and maintenance services. You can get a website done and continue to have it maintained at the price you will not believe! It's like having Bruce Lee as your bodyguard!