The past

I kickstarted my web design career in 1999 — by accident. Partly because it was the only other skill that could land myself a job at the time; other than becoming a technical support at Dell. But that’s another story.

Thanks to the dot-com boom, I had the privilege of working with some big companies in establishing their web presence. Big companies like Comfort Group (the taxi company now known as Comfort Delgro), Thomson Medical Centre, Raffles Town Club, Bengawan Solo (the one that makes the best-est kueh lapis in Singapore), Maybank, Aberdeen Asia, City Development Ltd, Central Narcotics Bureau, Asian Aerospace, NUS. At one point, I was in charged of Apple‘s websites across South East Asia, then at another point, I was the webmaster of General Motors intranet website.

Despite the big names, the real career satisfaction came into picture only when I decided to work for myself. In 2006, I established my own brand — myself.

The present

Many people seem to believe that being one’s own boss means “more free time”, “wake up later in the mornings”, “go holidays any time”, “spend entire afternoon sipping coffee at Starbucks”, “live on pizzas and takeouts”. Truth is, ever since I started on my own, I have been working harder than ever! I have built more websites than I had when I was working as employee in previous companies, all added together!

The biggest joy of working for myself is, I could choose who I want to work with. A lot of times I chose to work with small business owners. With small business owners, I’m able to interact directly with the decision makers, that also means I can offer my best to them. From identifying their goals and needs, to achieving those goals and help them move forward in their business.

I always believed, I have better chances of helping a small business succeed, than to help an already established business to achieve the same. Many may say: “the money is bigger with the latter”. And here’s what I say: I can sleep better knowing I have helped (the former)!

The future

If ever I’m given the opportunity to start over again, I will still choose to do the same thing and be the same me. In fact, I will make it even better by offering turnkey solutions to small business owners to help them establishing their web presense in shorter time, so that they can focus more of their time on building their business.

Why is it I enjoy helping small businesses? Because a wise man said: “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Are you a small business owner?

These are what I can do for you:

Define the goals
What you want your website to achieve. Sell some stuff? Collect some email addresses? Get people to start talking about your products?
Design the experience
What you want your target audience to achieve. Easily make payment for their purchase? Easily subscribe to your mailing list? Click the “Like” button?
Develop the content
Put the goals and the experience together. What kind of information can you offer your audience so that they can enjoy the best experience while helping your achieve your goals?
Deploy the presence
Get on Google, Yahoo!, Facebook. Help your audience locate you on the internet!

What clients say

I was at a loss when the one who was supposed to help me with my website left me in the lurch. God heard my prayers then and sent me Dean. From the very beginning, even though this is a pro-bono project, Dean has never tried to cut corners or skimp on his contributions to my website. Instead, he has gone above and beyond what I’d hoped for and given me a website that I am very, very proud to call my own.

To begin with, all I’d had was a design, some content and an idea of how I’d like my website to “operate”. When the date for the launch of the website got moved up drastically at the last minute, Dean voiced not a word of complaint. Instead, he worked overtime (and then some!) to produce a miracle. I’d been thinking that with such little time left, I would be lucky to settle for a temporary “shop-front’ but Dean presented me with a honking, gorgeous, fully functioning website!!!

Since then, Dean has added on to it, making enhancements and updating content. I love how he’s always very positive and prompt. Although he took this project on out of the goodness of his heart and he’s working on a voluntary basis, he has never, ever made me feel that this is his charity, or beholden to him etc.

I am very thankful that Dean bailed me out when I desperately needed help. Beyond simple gratitude however, I have utmost respect and admiration for Dean, the professional. He really does know his stuff and delivers what he promises and more!