About me

I am 50% web designer and business owner; 60% husband and father.

My web design career goes way back in 1999, when majority of the Internet users thought Netscape was the best web browser and Yahoo! was everyone’s favourite search engine. I started off as a junior web designer, then worked my way up to senior web designer, then project manager, then client account manager, in various companies. The last “full time job” I held was with a Fortune 500 company, championing a project of migrating their Intranet website to run on the two-million-dollar content management system.

As you can see I’m fairly “battle-tested”.

When you hire me, you are not just hiring a designer or coder. You will be working with an 18 years veteran, who has witnessed the rise and the fall, then the rise again of the Internet.

When you hire me, you do not pay me for my “HTML5 skill”, or ”Responsive Web Design skill”, or “WordPress skill”, or ”E-commerce skill” or whole bunch of other terms you are not even sure of, you pay me for knowing “where to kick”.

When you hire me, I become your partner. I will exhaust everything I know to help you achieve your business goals with the help of the Internet and your website.

Did I mention I’m also quite business savvy?

Looking forward to working with you!