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Dean Loh

Web Designer / WordPress Evangelist / Webmaster / Problem Solver / Business Owner
Kaia Pte Ltd
Batman has Alfred, your website has me!

Website got hacked?

I remove malware and malicious code from hacked WordPress sites, restoring them to their original state. Additionally, I offer security recommendations to prevent future attacks.

Support Services for WordPress Websites

I offer effective support to ensure your WordPress website runs smoothly. From troubleshooting issues to fixing errors, I provide prompt assistance.

WordPress Maintenance and Hosting Plan

My plan includes regular backups, updates, security checks, and uptime monitoring for your website. You get reliable hosting and peace of mind that your site is always accessible.
Dean is great, fast, responsive and always willing to help us with our requirements for the website. Our website was created fairly easily and we have been very satisfied since.
Kunal Pawa Avatar
Kunal Pawa
Websifu is a professional website developer. They are reliable and efficient, but also affordable. They have been working with us for over 4 years and we have been very happy with their work.
Mark Lim Avatar
Mark Lim
I have been using Dean Loh at WebSifu for 20 years. He is responsive and fixes any problems I might have immediately. I use him for web hosting and emails. Great service and Great Price. Highly recommended.
Eric R Avatar
Eric R
It has been a joy working together with Dean of WebSifu for my firm's website. He is highly responsive, meticulous, very open to feedback and takes initiative in experimenting new styles. Definitely recommend him!
Amelia Yap Avatar
Amelia Yap
I was very surprised at the level of customer service with WebSifu. All details were explained with great patience and most importantly, they spoke "human language" unlike another company that I was considering just "threw" all the technical terms at me . Transferring 3 of my website to WebSifu was truly a breeze. I highly recommend them!
Sherman Tang Avatar
Sherman Tang
We engaged Dean to revamp our website last year and he was so good that we have signed on his maintenance package till 2019! His services are extremely prompt and responsive and he is someone who knows what he is doing, and that is extremely important because while we are shopping around who to revamp our new website, we had come across many website "sales people" in the market who just wants to push their basic templated sites to unaware businesses (as usually SMEs do not have their own internal IT Team), and they are often exorbitantly priced. Dean and WebSifu had delivered their services beyond our expectations and we will not hesitate to recommend to anyone!
Brillyn Toh Avatar
Brillyn Toh
I have worked with Dean for over 10 years. Amazing personality. Very helpful and prompt! A pleasure to work with!
Darren Perera Avatar
Darren Perera
WebSifu has been such a great help! Long story short, our website was sort of hacked but Dean was able to find out the cause, rectify the issue and secure the site within a couple of days. Kudo to everyone behind WebSifu. Highly recommended!
Chow Kiat Er (C.K.) Avatar
Chow Kiat Er (C.K.)
Dean and the WebSifu team are an amazing bunch of people to work with, I would recommend them to anyone.
Praveen Nair Avatar
Praveen Nair
WebSifu are very responsive with any website issue. We noticed that our speed of our website has increased and technical hitches have been ironed out. No issue is too big or too small.
Info (White & Black Trading) Avatar
Info (White & Black Trading)
WebSifu4 weeks ago
Meet Emma and Just, founders of White & Black Trading, better known for exclusively carrying the Micro Scooters brand. Founded in 2007, the company also carries a wide range of quality outdoor "must haves" for kids and kids at heart to enjoy. The company's vision is to provide safe, top quality products that bring hours upon hours of playtime and fun. With six children between them, they can guarantee that every product has been road-tested to the extreme!


#PoweredbySAYA #SAYAuserspotlight
WebSifu1 month ago
Meet Milson, a highly experienced and passionate real estate professional who has been in the business for over a decade. He takes pride in providing exceptional service to his clients and always goes above and beyond to help them find their dream property. If you're in the market for an upgrade or looking to invest in real estate, Milson is someone you can trust to offer expert advice and guidance. He is known for his genuine approach and heartfelt commitment to his clients. Before you speak with anyone else, consider reaching out to Milson and experience the difference he can make in your real estate journey.


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WebSifu1 month ago
Introducing SAYA β€” a lightweight WordPress hosting plan that comes with pre-made Elementor Template Kit that lets you set up your personal web page/digital name card/"link in bio"/web presence in record breaking time!

Check out the demo at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5N22OfF0xk

Visit www.saya.ws to learn more about SAYA.
WebSifu4 months ago
Finding your website #hacked is not the worst part, seeing it getting labeled as dangerous by #Google is a harder battle to fight. Your brand reputation gets tarnished immediately.

Many companies may choose to forgo the website and rebuild a new one. But they would have to also get a new domain name to go with it. When neither were the options, recovering the website is the only clear way to go.

And we happen to be able to do just that!

Sharing a recent case study here πŸ”—

#Websitehacked #googlewarning #malwareremoval
WebSifu5 months ago
After spending so much money and time setting up your website, the last thing you want is, instead of getting leads β€” you ended up with a lot of spam coming through your contact form or comment spam on your blog posts. It's super annoying!

Fortunately, there's hope! Because we know how to stop those annoying spam! Get in touch with us and let us help you check off your first new year resolution!
WebSifu5 months ago

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