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Dean Loh

Web Designer / WordPress Evangelist / Webmaster / Problem Solver / Business Owner
Kaia Pte Ltd
Batman has Alfred, your website has me!
I was very surprised at the level of customer service with WebSifu. All details were explained with great patience and most importantly, they spoke "human language" unlike another company that I was considering just "threw" all the technical terms at me . Transferring 3 of my website to WebSifu was truly a breeze. I highly recommend them!
Sherman Tang Avatar
Sherman Tang
Dean is professional and great to work with, always ready with practical solutions and is able to demystify technical jargon and systems. He has a knack for finding the most efficient way to get things done without compromising on quality. Would definitely recommend WebSifu to my friends and business associates!
Eve Liu Avatar
Eve Liu
Dean and the WebSifu team are an amazing bunch of people to work with, I would recommend them to anyone.
Praveen Nair Avatar
Praveen Nair
Dean is great, fast, responsive and always willing to help us with our requirements for the website. Our website was created fairly easily and we have been very satisfied since.
Kunal Pawa Avatar
Kunal Pawa
It has been a joy working together with Dean of WebSifu for my firm's website. He is highly responsive, meticulous, very open to feedback and takes initiative in experimenting new styles. Definitely recommend him!
Amelia Yap Avatar
Amelia Yap
I have worked with Dean for over 10 years. Amazing personality. Very helpful and prompt! A pleasure to work with!
Darren Perera Avatar
Darren Perera
I have worked with Dean for more than 10 years. He responds to his emails very promptly and does all the changes in my website within one day. It is very easy to work with him. I highly recommend!
Kelvin Koh Avatar
Kelvin Koh
Websifu is a professional website developer. They are reliable and efficient, but also affordable. They have been working with us for over 4 years and we have been very happy with their work.
Mark Lim Avatar
Mark Lim
We engaged Dean to revamp our website last year and he was so good that we have signed on his maintenance package till 2019! His services are extremely prompt and responsive and he is someone who knows what he is doing, and that is extremely important because while we are shopping around who to revamp our new website, we had come across many website "sales people" in the market who just wants to push their basic templated sites to unaware businesses (as usually SMEs do not have their own internal IT Team), and they are often exorbitantly priced. Dean and WebSifu had delivered their services beyond our expectations and we will not hesitate to recommend to anyone!
Brillyn Toh Avatar
Brillyn Toh
I have been using Dean Loh at WebSifu for 20 years. He is responsive and fixes any problems I might have immediately. I use him for web hosting and emails. Great service and Great Price. Highly recommended.
Eric R Avatar
Eric R
WebSifu2 months ago
Finding your website #hacked is not the worst part, seeing it getting labeled as dangerous by #Google is a harder battle to fight. Your brand reputation gets tarnished immediately.

Many companies may choose to forgo the website and rebuild a new one. But they would have to also get a new domain name to go with it. When neither were the options, recovering the website is the only clear way to go.

And we happen to be able to do just that!

Sharing a recent case study here 🔗

#Websitehacked #googlewarning #malwareremoval
WebSifu3 months ago
After spending so much money and time setting up your website, the last thing you want is, instead of getting leads — you ended up with a lot of spam coming through your contact form or comment spam on your blog posts. It's super annoying!

Fortunately, there's hope! Because we know how to stop those annoying spam! Get in touch with us and let us help you check off your first new year resolution!
WebSifu3 months ago
WebSifu3 months ago
Do you have a business website or online store? Thousands of websites are being compromised everyday. Hacks are typically invisible but they are harmful to both site owners and visitors viewing the page.

Signs that your website has been compromised:

1. Your website is redirecting visitors to other questionable sites
Malicious redirects are used by attackers to generate advertising impressions on their own websites. Many site owners will be unaware that their website is redirecting visitors as it is not easy to detect these redirects. They may only happen to some site visitors on certain pages and not others, or it may only happen to mobile users and not web users.

2. Your website is flagged by search engines as being hacked or unsafe
Certain search engines such as Google will send site owners an alert of a compromised website. However, site owners may or may not see a warning on the search engine that their site is compromised. This is because even with the notifications, the hacked content may not appear on the search engines. This doesn’t mean that the website is safe. Hackers may be using a cloaking technique which shows different content to different users, making the detection of the hacked content by site owners much more difficult.

3. Your website is shut down by your hosting provider
To protect other sites on the server, some hosts will automatically suspend and take a website offline if they detect that it has been compromised.

What happens if you don’t get your hacked website fixed in time?

1. Loss of customers
With warnings and flags from search engines, your customers will avoid clicking on your compromised website. Eventually, your search engine rankings will start to drop due to lesser clicks, leading to an even greater loss of traffic in future.

2. Loss of sensitive information
The harmful code on the infected website has the potential to record keystrokes on visitors’ computers and steal login credentials for online banking or financial transactions.

3. Banned by search engines
This is every business owner’s worst nightmare. Without ranking on search engines, it’ll be harder for customers and potential customers to find your products and services online. In turn, this decreases the conversions, leads, and sales generated.

We offer scanning and cleaning services for all types of websites. We will conduct a full scan to detect and remove the following from your website:
- Viruses
- Trojans
- Spyware
- Malware

How much is it?
Weekly website scanning and cleaning ... $24/month or $240/year
WebSifu3 months ago
Website contact form spam refers to the use of automated scripts or bots to send spam or unwanted messages through a website's contact form. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as to promote a product or service, to send phishing emails or other types of scams, or simply to generate traffic to a website.

Contact form spam can be a nuisance for website owners and can clog up their inboxes with unwanted messages. It can also be a security risk, as contact form spam may contain malicious links or attachments.

To protect against contact form spam, website owners have tried integrating popular solutions such as CAPTCHAs or other forms of authentication to verify that a message is being sent by a real human. However, it also created usability issues such as it can be frustrating for users, especially if the CAPTCHA is difficult to read or requires multiple attempts to complete. This can lead to a poor user experience and may cause some users to leave a website.

So what can website owners do? Here's when WebSifu comes to the rescue!

We provide solution for blocking contact form spams, forum spams, blog spams, comment spams, registration spams, or any website spams. We want to make the Internet more secure and help website owners prevent malicious activities.

Our solution works for major CMS such as
- WordPress (WooCommerce)
- Joomla
- Drupal
- phpBB
- OpenCart
- Magento
- vBulletin

If you are a website owner, or if you know of any website owners who are losing their hair due to contact form spams, help is here, starting from only S$ 20/year!
WebSifu1 year ago

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