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About this project

Eugene Tang is my longest-running client since 2006. When he first came to me, he wanted just a “blog” for showcasing his photography works. At that time, he already had over 3GB of photographs for upload, a simple blog will not cut the job, instead, I built the website by using Joomla! (eventually switched to Drupal.) The website took just two months to build, but I spent the next three months populating content and uploading the photos.

At a glance

Client: Eugene Tang
Completion: Jun 2006
Status: Inactive
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First version of the website was built on Joomla! [fig. 1] At that time I didn't spend much time on the design since the focus was very much on populating the content. Though served the purpose, the design wasn't something I was proud of. The Joomla! setup was getting clunkier and daunting to manage as the site grew bigger.


Two years after the first launch, we decided to give a complete facelift. On top of better design and simplified navigation, the content management system was also switched from Joomla! to Drupal. The new website was much easier for Eugene to manage and easier for users to use.

What client says

Attentive service, on time delivery and value for money...keep up the good work!!!

Eugene Tang, Photographer

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